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Tell me about your involvement in the music industry and how you got started.


At an early age, I already know that music is what I want to do when I grow up.  During my teen years, I was lucky enough to have written and produced a song that earned its way on the Top 40 US Billboard Chart. Soon afterward, I formed Classified Records with some good friends and with successful releases, a joint venture with Tommy Boy Records was inked. This gave me an opportunity to sign new artists and expand my knowledge of the music business. The music industry has evolved ever since but I’m grateful that I’m still involved in what I love to do the most until now.

My name is Elvin Reyes and I’m a songwriter, producer & engineer based in the Bay Area, CA.  I’ve always been involved in music throughout my entire life.  It is my passion and I love working with artist turn their ideas into life by making great records that sound inspiring and amazing.


Here are a few things you might want to know about me...


What style do you mainly write, record, mix and/or produce?


I’ve worked with so many talented artists from different genres including pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, dance, jazz and everything in between. I do a lot of critical listening to music in general for its production and mixing values to be constantly aware and relevant to what’s new and why it connects with people.


What are the skills that allow you to be good at what you do?


I play the piano, guitar, and bass pretty well and I can get by with drums. This allows me to communicate with the artist during production since we both speak the same terminology and I know exactly what they’re trying to convey.  I’m also blessed to have a perfect pitch which comes handy when seeking tones, bad frequencies, transcribing notes and super helpful when tracking vocals.


Any organization that you’re involved in the music industry?

I’m always surrounded by creative people.  I’m heavily involved in the Filipino and Asian American community especially in the music scene.  I’m also a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy - San Francisco Chapter.  

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